What is EzyCommerce®?

EzyCommerce® is a suite of internet based solutions developed by Liberty Steel to provide transactional information to its customers in a simple and efficient manner. By working to industry standards we want to make it as easy as possible to do business together - "Electronic Commerce Made Ezy"!

We do this through two approaches:

  • The EzyCommerce® website - this site - where approved users may carry out queries and extracts on a variety of business documents.
  • EzyCommerce® B2B solutions - full integration of your business transactional systems with those of Liberty Steel.


The EzyCommerce® Website

Liberty Steel offers approved customers access to our EzyCommerce®website, a service that gives you the flexibility to access and retrieve, anytime of the day, information such as:

  • Test Certificates
  • Order Status
  • Despatch Statuses
  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Central Stock

Access to EzyCommerce® Online is free to approved customers of Liberty Steel - all you need is a login name and password.

(N.B. You are assigned a personal login and password to ensure access is limited only to that information deemed appropriate by your company. Document access may be varied as determined applicable to personnel.)


If you are an approved customer and wish to access documents other than product certification then please download and fill out the attached form and email to ezycommerce@libertygfg.com for review and processing.

If you are not a direct customer of these business units but are interested in accessing product certification for these Liberty Steel products then you are advised to get in contact with your supplier for assistance.

EzyCommerce® B2B

By working to the Australian Steel Institute guidelines for B2B, we also offer our EzyCommerce® B2B solutions that utilise secure internet-based technology to exchange information on:

  • Ordering
    • Purchase Order Placement / Purchase Order Acknowledgement
    • Order Status Update
  • Shipping
    • Advance Shipping Notification (ASN)
  • Payment and Invoicing
    • Invoicing
    • Statements
  • Product Certification
    • Test Certificates

For more information on our B2B solutions please contact us on ezycommerce@libertygfg.com.

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